10 hours ago
Ha! Duly noted Sensei https://t.co/TorY537qUr
11 hours ago
I was going anyway & as much as it breaks my heart @Saints1890 aren't gonna be at @TheChallengeCup I can still shou? https://t.co/KG1CEHlOns
11 hours ago
That's it, done. Ditched the teen angst & come poolside by my lonesome. The boys can soak up all the WIFI they lik? https://t.co/NXNNNQMxJe
16 hours ago
Early morning listening. Not a cry for help, just a lovely track...especially if you're all out of coffee, love and? https://t.co/45XImcAbYG
17 hours ago
In the food chain of command I'm grateful to have lunch salute you. Others might suggest corporal langoustine was c? https://t.co/kOYdqTmzo0
1 day ago
Mini-me put his foot down and banned me from buying these Adidas knock offs for poolside. asidad ....the no1 choice? https://t.co/qpG3BFum1f
2 days ago
Go watch this man dismantle comedy in the funniest possible way. One of my genuine favourite comics gigging right n? https://t.co/n6Nlf9CFpU
3 days ago
I'm so excited yet angry at missing out that I pooped a little.... https://t.co/oZju3hSwkQ
3 days ago
Definitely mate. Come one come all. Leeeeeeeeeets get rrrrrrrrready to rrrrrrrrrrrrrrooooollllllllllll.....thumb pe? https://t.co/FojNFg9u0F
3 days ago
RT @linzi_prescott: @JohnnyVegasReal thank you so much for your continued support of @SPFCHARITY it was an amazing day, raising awareness &?
3 days ago
Well put it on of a Saturday just to get you in the crown green rumble Mucker. See you on the field of dreams. Grow? https://t.co/6NImIgFEeZ
3 days ago
Yes please sensei. Coming down to your knack of the woods the moment Ian and you get yourselves some wood....as in? https://t.co/k6uQej8EE8
3 days ago
These two could commentate on cress growing and it would still be must listen broadcasting. Crown Green Bowls just? https://t.co/WWsvtD4Vy8
3 days ago
She is my PA (not my Mam) ? & she's taking on #Everest4Precky a challenge most folk would shy away from. Anyone who? https://t.co/lOXmOnAJLh
3 days ago
So, where do I begin? A cracking day, massive home crowd & welcomed others from futher afield out to support the? https://t.co/rlZZC4YWxY
4 days ago
Could roll a few turkeys out there though. I'm a bit rusty but know you'll not take advantage of that whilst commen? https://t.co/fhFT1TUAyO
4 days ago
And a HUGE thank you as always to another St.Helen's legend @bartonspickles for supporting the #LolPennington? https://t.co/GjmtRaNDGj
4 days ago
RT @StevePrescott1: The 2nd matches will be taking place at 13.30 with @twadder71 v @andyreid2506 #RickyTomlinson v @Sianygibby @suejohnst?
4 days ago
Oof, tough first round draw for yours truly. I know Mr @ABCFRY is no stranger to the roll of the green. Just got to? https://t.co/kEHbRFtLGr
4 days ago
Come on folks & get down to @ruskinsthelens for the #LolPennington @StevePrescott1 celebrity crown green showdown.? https://t.co/XL0oMNZA0t
6 days ago
Pa Vegas would've turned 89 today. I miss ya Laurence, not a day goes by you're not in my thoughts, but all the bet? https://t.co/RVEp1VAcZq
1 week ago
Only one more day left on @UKTV 's #DeathOnTheTyne and already I'm getting teary over the prospect of saying farewe? https://t.co/Vwkx9GBQHx
1 week ago
Time to stop moaning about last week & #DareToDream as @Saints1890 start #Super8s & defend our place at the top of? https://t.co/inO8ayPbTT
1 week ago
Listening to her lengthy yet fruitless conversation with you this morning I'd suggest you change the title 'custome? https://t.co/vOvp41JuG1
1 week ago
Yes, it's fair to say I've 'taken ' a drink, and yes I'm borderline inconsolable with regards @Saints1890 loss toda? https://t.co/OkYoOzIufD


Your Tweets!

Barry Green
@TheChallengeCup @adamhillscomedy @JohnnyVegasReal Now your chance @Oli_Holmes invite him onto The 6 til 8 debate
5 hours ago
Not very Close to the pool come jump in make sure you take them headphones off first?
8 hours ago
Samaritans of Wigan
@Saints1890 @TheChallengeCup @wolvesrl @DragonsOfficiel Good call, the RL family is great support? https://t.co/er5I2FzJuH
2 hours ago
Lucy Farley
Welcome to my world !! Iv got an 11 yr old who?s obsessed with x box !! ? I have to bribe him to s? https://t.co/VzgW8g5V3f
2 hours ago
@kennie41 @LloydRogHopkins @JohnnyVegasReal It?s Foooking hot here cha #scorchio
4 hours ago
Lyn Dee
#GiveBlood Are you a donor? Can you donate? More donors needed, please encourage your friends and family to donate? https://t.co/OghJPmJWfh
7 hours ago
Sarah Bew
Thanks for being really cool! Brilliant fun! let me know if I can buy you a drink.... I'll pop ba? https://t.co/NRbtNjONRa
8 hours ago
London Skolars ??
@Saints1890 @TheChallengeCup @wolvesrl @DragonsOfficiel @JohnnyVegasReal pls make your way to? https://t.co/7gd6vbCExN
8 hours ago
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