4 mins ago
RT @HuffPostGreen: This baby squirrel took a bad fall, so the incredible @DCCityWildlife gave him a wee cast http://t.co/ZXqdkZj2km http://?
5 mins ago
That bloody @peritosbentitos has had me corpsing from the 1st rehearsal at 7AM. Camera's on me next :-[] #Ridiculous
46 mins ago
RT @peter_kimber: @JohnnyVegasReal Johnny I have your bartons pickles with me, I'm flying in Friday eve
7 hours ago
RT @EmmaK67: Be warned. I'm in a RAGE. Just discovered George Osborne's best man made 36m out of Post Office sell off. This is how revolut?
7 hours ago
G'night x
10 hours ago
Hey @paulalbir quite whining about the bloody garlic! @nickyinalbir and I are having a soup off #BringItOn
12 hours ago
RT @Paulwillhappy: @JohnnyVegasReal Thanks to your love of pottery, we've Just been to our first pottery class to celebrate 30 years :) htt?
12 hours ago
I'm sorry but this view never gets boring....well for me anyhow
14 hours ago
As a past roller disco devotee in my youth I am perplexed by my own instinctive disdain for roller blades? Almost as much as novelty socks!
15 hours ago
Won't deny, despite the absence of loved ones, I'm in a mucho contented place right now #LifeIsGood
15 hours ago
Hey @warrenlush look who I bumped into on set? Your pal Alan 'THE ICEMAN' Warriner. Top bloke, sends his best
15 hours ago
A hair of the dog that bit me. Between signing off on the music vid & a trip to the tabac, I'm rushed off my feet ;-)
16 hours ago
Scorching day, magnificent view, oh how I wish @MaiaDunphy & son were here to share this. Chilling's best when shared
20 hours ago
If @carlsberg did extras...sorry, SA's. First official venture out into Benidorm last night, as bonkers as ever! x
1 day ago
What do you mean 'BATTERY LOW'? It's been plugged in for...oh
1 day ago
My services aren't required so I've a day off tomorrow. Gotta think of the best use of a 'night before the morning after' in Benidorm...mmm
1 day ago
Fond of stray cats as company but fed up with extortionate novelty pen top prices? #SolutionsForABetterWorld
1 day ago
Working lunch today, last minute tweaks to @PaulHeatonSolo @atomic_box #DIY vid. Soup/salad & Marlboro's for dessert
1 day ago
So close to finally signing off on the paperback cover for #BECOMINGJOHNNYVEGAS keen to see what twitter pals think? #WatchThisSpace
1 day ago
Off in search of @EE customer care dept. Luckily I've packed my hat & whip #RaidersOfTheLostSignal
2 days ago
So tired after a sleepless night & a day's dialogue that's thwarted me every take #BrainLikeMushEyesLikePissHoles
3 days ago
Pilot ep of #TheShield done & dusted. Think I'm in for the long haul now, all 7 seasons of it. Early call means no more for tonight though
3 days ago
Right, back to my box set. Besides, tweets taking forever to load. Reckon son & nephew took all remaining dongle bytes with 'em #PeskyKids
3 days ago
With my family back home I'm all on my lonesome tonight in Albia...good job I packed some back up #NoSpoilersPlease


Your Tweets!

Marie O'Donoghue
3 weeks tomorrow & I get to see it again!!! ????????
10 hours ago
@cleadavis @bingowings14 @JohnnyVegasReal @gordonburnsnwt thank you. Thinking about making it a permanent feature.
9 hours ago
Johnny Vegas is funny as hahaha
6 hours ago
Neil Jones
@EmmaK67 @JohnnyVegasReal Not quite correct that Johnny!
35 mins ago
Karl Roberts
@peter_kimber @bartonspickles gotta love home comforts
34 mins ago
Addelle Megan Seward
hiya will i be in benidorm week of 24th may as mum gutted garveys away. She needs some happiness.
38 mins ago
Rugby League Youth
Any chance of a #STOP1in5 Seflie Johnny? We are raising awareness with a new campaign in Rugby League!
10 hours ago
@EmmaK67 @JohnnyVegasReal check out how much they'll make from privatising nhs. Most of cabinet on boards of private medical companies!
11 mins ago
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