3 hours ago
What draws folk to the Federal Duck Stamp Programme competition is obvious, wish there was more about their feelings post judging & less PR
4 hours ago
Just discovered #TheMillionDollarDuck & know from opening 2 mins that I'm gonna love it. Thanks @SkyCinema #TheyDontAllHaveToBeBlockbusters
19 hours ago
Just to be clear @HamillHimself wasn't in attendance at #KewTheMovies but he was kind enough to take a pic with me at a previous event
1 day ago
May the force be with you, always
1 day ago
Shush now, it's starting #KewTheMovies
1 day ago
So mini me & I are off to see #StarWarsTheForceAwakens at @kewgardens #KewTheMovies courtesy of @MaiaDunphy The force is strong with her ?
1 day ago
Please RT & tune in. Great fun filming this pilot ep with Adam James @EmiliaFox @jopage_ & Co Now we need a series ?
1 day ago
Mesmerised by this bold bit of public art on Shaftesbury Ave. Does anyone know it's name or the artist responsible?
1 day ago
Up in Edinburgh seeking out shows? An old pal wrote https://t.co/8KgebGmGzb and it features Irish comic Christan Talbot. I think you'll like
2 days ago
I'm happy for mini-me, 10k is a good stretch, less excited about Snorlax's nickname though ?
3 days ago
Last day here at @haven Hafan y Mōr. Huge thanks to the brilliant team here, from check in to activities to the odd pint ;) you were great!
4 days ago
The real secret to 53 years of marriage #DoubleOnesie (Plus there's no sneaking off to the bookies for Pa Vegas ?)
4 days ago
Thanks to Pa Vegas feeding me my own pet rabbit at the tender age of 8 I found Watership Down a bit of light comic relief @SundayBrunchC4 ?
5 days ago
Just met a self styled version of Nicolas Cage from his Wild at Heart phase with stunning gingivitis & BO that could evict a skunk #Sailoh
5 days ago
Mini me threatened to use this against me so taking 1st strike initiative & just putting it out there #DamnHisApps
5 days ago
What? I've slaved over a hot caravan stove all morning. Plus I've to save a table for Bingo later #MaVegasDemandsIt
5 days ago
Holiday...it could be so right..holiday... ?????
5 days ago
Yes Dad, of course a cheeky red goes well with a fry up ? I reckon he's after @jollyolly 's @SaturdayKitchen gig
5 days ago
Thanks Darren for putting the match on last night, you're a legend....should've left it off though ? #Nilled #Oof
6 days ago
Away on a wee caravan weekend break away. Pa Vegas & I praying there's a bar showing @Saints1890 @WiganWarriorsRL ??
1 week ago
If my son & I wanted some weirdo taking pics of us then we'd ask. But we didn't, did we, weirdo, and neither did you
1 week ago
Just had my travel jabs and quite frankly I'm disappointed. All I can expect is flu like symptoms. Was hoping for the full Jekyll & Hyde gig
1 week ago
Fed up of the house looking like a barn from #americanpickers Feels good to have a proper clear out but it ain't easy letting go #Hoarder
1 week ago
Having a huge clear out back in St.Helens. Out with the old, in with the new, but can't bring myself to bin this
1 week ago
RT @Saints1890: Saints strengthen top 4 spot with a 39-16 win over Catalans. Thanks to all that came out. @plattyphoto with the pic https:/?


Your Tweets!

David Morrissey
Is that Jeremy Corbyn?
1 day ago
Jack Richards
I can't believe Johnny Vegas was at work yesterday??
17 hours ago
rachel connolly
Great photo ?
1 day ago
John Murphy
WOW a genuine icon for a generation meets Luke Skywalker. coolio
21 hours ago
Mark Hopkinson
@SkyCinema thanks for the heads up, will give this a try at the weekend.
4 hours ago
Carl05 - ParaFly
Got a good idea for the next #sportrelief @JohnnyVegasReal something right up your street..
5 hours ago
Dave Brookes
from playing Star Wars over hankeys well in the 70s to meeting Luke skywalker. Not jealous at all ???
20 hours ago
Elliott Hawkes
went 2 weeks ago its cool there
8 hours ago
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