10 hours ago
Can't wait @PeterMckeirnon #twd #deadyourself #jointhehorde https://t.co/jjb7BbNB2v
10 hours ago
RT @Shownights: Celebrity Guest @JohnnyVegasReal will be there for the evening and we can't wait ??Have you got your tickets yet? https://t?
11 hours ago
That Sir, has made my day. Hence I shall throw in a signed copy of my book and other items that are actually of mon? https://t.co/rR2xM7Kqk9
11 hours ago
RT @BritishComedy: Who is the killer? Murder On The Blackpool Express is on @GoldChannel 11th November. Top cast! Character guides: https:/?
12 hours ago
RT @ClayCollege: Helping the next generation of potters in the heart of the Potteries @DCMS #sot2021
14 hours ago
Cannot believe there's still a ticket to be had? Genuinely, what a line up! https://t.co/Is2VUANnrg
15 hours ago
Some day I will have to try and explain to my Son's how I/we allowed this to happen. That day they'll see a Dad sha? https://t.co/KqpxQuvipw
18 hours ago
PM @theresa_may asks for a Brexit deal she can defend back home 'Making Britain great again' or begging for ways to defend a piss poor idea?
1 day ago
I don't have anything close to your talent but perhaps your right, a sketch a week maybe? All for @wbhospice https://t.co/4SNiDVFKph
1 day ago
RT @wbhospice: @Meatntata @JohnnyVegasReal thank you so much! Visit our website https://t.co/bbOaZUGx7y and donate using the button (top of?
1 day ago
Seriously? Tell you what pal, if you'll make a donation to @wbhospice it's yours. Pass your details on to @celebpa? https://t.co/j9C9iUZofV
1 day ago
Rubbish night sketch wise so doodled myself a wee self portrait of artistic despair. Still enjoying flexing my crea? https://t.co/yZujfVcb6T
1 day ago
Incentivise...my new least favourite word. @MhairiBlack a most favoured voice in politics https://t.co/VV4dJZwEHE
1 day ago
Sat in a pub with my sketchbook open making scribbles. Feel like the arty equivalent of pretend novelists sitting with laptops in Starbucks
1 day ago
RT @joshwiddicombe: If you are free the first weekend of November all profits from this go to those impacted by Mexican Earthquakes https:/?
1 day ago
RT @nkmanagement: At the launch of this fabulous book @MaiaDunphy @Gill_Books @DubrayBooks #themword
1 day ago
You're right Sweetheart, go for the bread knife https://t.co/jOofYtgwsi
2 days ago
T'was indeed X https://t.co/6wxEho9tXx
3 days ago
So desperately unhappy to hear of Sean Hughes untimely passing. A beloved raconteur from my early days and an inspiration via #SeansShow RIP
4 days ago
Finished @the_keepers on @NetflixUK4U Not an easy watch for an ex seminary pupil but a light none the less cast on more RC denials of abuse
4 days ago
RT @StevePrescott1: Please give our our 44 challengers on Mt #Kilimanjaro a follow @Kili4Precky & support them into the Guinness book of re?
4 days ago
There you go @JB_Barrington The difference between 1 Bells, Canada Dry & a full house versus a jackpot and 3 Barley? https://t.co/3SMMzvvmfq
5 days ago
Just treated myself to @neilhimself 's #NorseMythology at Dublin Airport. Already hooked and wishing it was a longe? https://t.co/dXMW5PZzkD
6 days ago
Are there many 8 year old's only able to pay for their taxis by credit card? Ah the handmade sign, tis a dying art? https://t.co/MZqu8IBG2b


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We challenge you not to laugh at this @TheLastLeg Outtake with Johnny Vegas https://t.co/drt0lf5Ocv? https://t.co/rIfLw6z5Wg
3 hours ago
John Isherwood
Johnny Vegas in @RedDwarfHQ. YES. Amazing. This episode is very random
3 hours ago
Denis Dooley
@theresa_may Funny how the "doing ok" brigade want things to stay as they are.
8 hours ago
Bill Whelan
Johnny vegas is the da #latelate
3 hours ago
Gill McHugh
@DerrenLitten Will Johnny Vegas be back in it.
6 hours ago
Mark Gibson
Kinda reminded me of your poem from Cats does Countdown
9 hours ago
Chris Stokes
@ClayCollege @JohnnyVegasReal @DCMS Moorland pottery is little gem of a place come and see it you vegas fans lots t? https://t.co/AUw8gxhRha
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#LateLate Johnny Vegas' moth
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